Intensive cropping with remarkable feature of Hooghly District

    In spite of the fact that Hooghly is one of the most important industrial districts of West Bengal, about 70% of its population depend on agriculture and represents an important and remarkable place in the field of agriculture in West Bengal.

    Due to massive population explosion and continuous increase of pressure on land, the farmers of this district are engaged in cultivation of all the major crops utilising the fullest potentiality of land and natural resources.  Though rice is the prime crop of the district the agricultural economy largely depends on potato, jute, vegetables and orchard and the cropping intensity of the district has been escalated to 220%.

    Vegetable is a prige crop in the blocks of Haripal, Singur, Chanditala, Polba and Dhaniakhali being grown in a relay system throughout the year.  Though potato is cultivated in all the blocks of this district Dhaniakhali, Arambagh, Goghat, Pursurah, Haripal, Polba-Dadpur, Tarakeswar, Pandua and Singur contributed much of its production of this district.  Dhaniakhali, Haripal, Pandua, Arambagh and Pursurah have maximum number of cold storages for potato in this district.

Agricultural Research  Institute  

1 (One) no.

Training Center for farmer          


    There is an Agricultural Training Center at Chinsurah for Krishi Prajukti Sahayaks (Pre-Service and In-Service).  This Training Center may be utilised as training centre for farmers from time to time.

Seed farm no. and location

Rice Research Farm

 1 (One) no. Chinsurah

Coconut Development Farm 

1 (One) no. Chandernagore

Model Farm 

1 (One) no. Dhaniakhali

Block Seed Farms 

4 (Four) nos. Balagarh

Sub-divisional Adaptime Res. Farm

3 (Three) nos. Polba,Singur,Pursurah


No. of big farmers                                

 12 Nos.

No. of Small farmers                      

  55592 Nos.

No. of marginal farmers                  

361418 Nos.

No. of agricultural labourers               

 348502 Nos.

No. of bargadars                          

115027 Nos.


Land under big farmers                         

166 ha.

Land under Small farmers                  

 75745 ha

Land under marginal farmers            

 138494 ha.

Land under bargadars                         

27371 ha.

Area Cultivated:


70650 ha.


211500 ha.


213950 ha.

 Area covered under Horticulture (Sector wise):

Fruit Crops        

11743 ha.


 817 ha.

Medicinal Plant