Balagarh Development Block

The Balagarh CD Block is mostly part of the Hooghly Flats, one of the three natural regions in the district of the flat alluvial plains that forms part of the Gangetic Delta. The region is a narrow strip of land along the 80 km long stretch of the Hooghly River, that forms the eastern boundary of the district. The region has been physiographically influenced by the course of the river. The western part of the block gradually merges into the Hooghly Damodar Plain.

Tender – (Balagarh Developement Block)

Sl No Tender Details Scheme Start Date End Date View
1 Supply Of One Basic Life Support Ambulance MPLAD 20/04/2022 05/05/2022 View View
2 Construction of Concrete Road at Ayada Ghoshpara to Kamardanga Manasatala under Balagarh Panchayat Samity BEUP 26/04/2022 10/05/2022 View View
3 Notice inviting E-Tender of 26 nos works under Balagarh Block Area 15th Fin 12/05/2022 31/05/2022 View View
4 Notice inviting E-QUOTATION of MGNREGA display board construction works under Balagarh Block Area MGNREGA 19/05/2022 15/06/2022 View View
5 Notice inviting E-QUOTATION of MGNREGA materials procurements under Balagarh Block Area MGNREGA 19/05/2022 15/06/2022 View View
6 Notice inviting E-QUOTATION of MGNREGA Plntation materials procurements under Balagarh Block Area MGNREGA 19/05/2022 15/06/2022 View View
7 Notice inviting E-TENDER regarding construction of standalone mini water supply PHE 09/06/2022 09/07/2022 View View
8 Supply Of One Basic Life Support Ambulance(3rd Call) MPLAD 05/07/2022 12/07/2022 View View
9 Construction & REPAIRING OF RUKESHPUR SC TO HWC BY SWB AT SIJA KAMALPUR G.P UNDER BALAGARH DEV BLOCK , HOOGHLY Health Department 22/08/2022 01/09/2022 View View
10 Construction & REPAIRING OF SIJA SC TO HWC BY SWB AT SIJA KAMALPUR G.P UNDER BALAGARH DEV BLOCK , HOOGHLY. Health Department 22/08/2022 01/09/2022 View View
11 procurement of one Basic Life Support Ambulances under MPLADS(4th Call) MPLAD 07/09/2022 19/09/2022 View View
11 15th FC (Tied) 15th FC 28/01/2023 06/02/2023 View View
12 15th FC (UnTied) 15th FC 04/02/2023 13/02/2023 View View
13 Rasthashree P&RD 25/02/2023 11/03/2023 View View
14 PMAJAY P&RD 13/04/2023 19/04/2023 View View
15 15th P&RD 14/04/2023 20/04/2023 View View
16 XV FC- HEALTH GRANT P&RD 16/05/2023 24/05/2023 View View
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    Important Contact Numbers

    Officers and Staff


    Sl No Department Contact Person Designation Phone No e-Mail
    1 P&RD Niladri Sarkar B.D.O 7384344466
    2 P&RD Suranjan Biswas JT. B.D.O 8910005787
    3 Disaster Management Umapada Tarafdar B.D.M.O 9775054459
    Sl No GP Name Prodhan Name Mobile No Email
    1 Bakulia Dhobapara MADHUMITA SAMADDAR 8768666270
    2 Charkrishnabati DIBASI MAHATO 6291354546
    3 Dumurdaha Nityanandapur I MOUSUMI GHOSH 9143557784
    4 Dumurdaha Nityanandapur II RATHIN DAS, 8583075406
    5 Ektarpur RANJIT SOREN 6295463246
    6 Guptipara-1 ASHOK SARKAR 7797173356
    7 Guptipara-2 SARASWATI SARDAR 6291125025
    8 Jirat SUCHANDRA ROY 8981102383
    9 Mohipalpur SOURAV BISWAS 9474498942
    10 Sija- Kamalpur MITA GHOSH 9093654919
    11 Somra-1 SUSHANTA MONDAL 9932793063
    12 Somra-2 BIBHAS SARKAR 9093449553
    13 Sripur Balagarh SUSMITA BANDHYOPADHYAY 9748762081

    Sabuj Dweep:            

    Sabujdeep is an attractive winter tourist spot in Hooghly district of West Bengal. The place filled with greenery at the middle of water can refreshes you. The place is nearSomrabazar station at Hooghly. The place is at the meeting point of Behula and Hooghly River.

    Chandi Mandap:

    In Sripur the ChandiMandap was built in the year 1707 by RaghunandanMitraMoustafi, the then financial adviser of Mughal Emperor Aurngjib. Its wooden structure is adorned by intricate carvings of Hindu deities and floral designs and  on the wall the Indo Islamic paintings are done by fresco.

    Ananda Bhairabi Temple:

    The next spot was Ananda Bhairabi Temple (1813) of Sukharia. The deity of Anandamoyee Kali is worshipped there. The shrine is admired with 25 pinnacles and is a masterpiece of temple architecture. There are 12 small temples in two parallel rows of which 10 are aatchala (eight sloped roofs) and 2 are pancharatna (five pinnacles). Very near to it there are two more temples Harasundari Kali and Nistarini Kali which are also very worth for visiting.

    Guptipara Rathayatra :

    The Guptipara Rathayatra is being celebrated in Guptipara in Hooghly District of West Bengal since the 1730s. The chariot is a nabaratna-style wooden temple, where the presiding deity in the chariot is that of Radharaman Jiu. The Guptipara Rathayatra is second only to the Puri Rathayatra in terms of the distance covered. One of the unique events of Guptipara Rathayatra is the bhandara loot, which is held a day before the purnayatra or the ulto rath. A month long fair is held in Guptipara on the occasion of the festival. Every year thousands of devotees take part in the festival.

    Name of Block Balagarh
    Block Area  202.15 km2
    *No.of GP/Ward 13
    No of Mouza 136
    No.of Sansad 183
    No.of Population As per Sensus 2011 Male 116828
    Female 112170
    Total 228998
    Projection upto 2018 Male 120006
    Female 116021
    Total 236027
    Gender Ratio(No.of Female per 1000 Male) As per Census 2011 960
    Projection upto 2018 967
    Population as per Religion Hindu 204353
    Muslim 20185
    Christain 62
    Sikh 43
    Buddhist 12
    Jain 15
    parsi 0
    Others 4228
    Population as per Cast SC % 40.79%
    ST % 9.23%
    Others% 49.98%
    Highest ST % Mouza Gangadharpur(60.06%),
    Highest SC % Mouza Durlabhpur(96.73%),
    Char Rampur(92.31%)
    % of literacy (As per 2011 census) Male 74.67
    Female 64.64
    No.of Schools * No. of Primary School 163
    * No. of Junior-High School only for Girls’ 1
    only for Boys’ 0
     Co-Education 6
    Total 7
    * No. of Madhyamik School only for Girls’ 0
    only for Boys’ 0
    Co-Education 0
    Total 0
    * No. of High School  only for Girls’ 4
    only for Boys’ 0
     Co-Education 22
    Total 26
    * No. of  Junior -Madrasha  only for Girls’ 0
     only for Boys’ 1
     Co-Education 0
    Total 1
    No.of Schools * No. of
    High  Madrasha
    only for Girls’ 0
     only for Boys’ 0
      Co-Education 0
    Total 0
    No.of Colleges *  No. of Govt. /Govt. Aided Colleges  Womens Colleges 0
    Co-ed Colleges 1
    Total 1
     B-ed Colleges
    D-ed Colleges
    Total 0
    Engineering Colleges
    Nurshing Training colleges
    Total 1
    *  No. of private Colleges Womens Colleges 0
    Co-ed Colleges 0
    Total 0
     B-ed Colleges 1
     D-ed Colleges 0
    Total 1
     Engineering Colleges 2
    Nurshing Training colleges 0
    Total 3
    *  No. of SSK 16
    *  No. of MSK 0
    *  No. of Health Subcenre 36
    *  No. of PHC 6
    *  No. of Rural Hospital 1
    *  No. Of AWC 360
    *  No. of Railway station 7
    *  No.of River/Ghat No. of Ferry Ghat 8
    No. of Ghat Without Ferry 0
    *  No. of Police Station 1
    *  No. of Police out post 1