Jangipara Development Block


Jangipara is located at 22°44′26″N 88°03′14″E. Jangipara Community Development Block is an important administrative division in Serampore Sub-Division of District Hooghly. Jangipara CD Block is bounded by Tarakeswar and Haripal CD Blocks in the North, Chanditala I CD Block in the East, Jagatballavpur CD Block (in Howrah district), in the south and Udaynarayanpur CD Block (in Howrah district), and Pursurah CD Block in the west.

Rajbalhat in Jangipara CD Block was capital of Bhurshut kingdom or Bhurishrestha Empire in the 16th century. There used to be a garh (fort) but no signs of it survive. Only one temple, that of Rajballavi, of that era is still active. Furfura Sharif in Jangipur CD Block is a Muslim pilgrimage centre. A mosque built by Muqlish Khan in 1375, still stands there. A Sufi settlement was established there during Akbar’s rule.

Jangipara CD Block has an area of 164.23 sq. km. It has 10 gram panchayats, 177 gram sansads, 129 mouzas and 128 inhabited villages. Gram panchayats of Jangipara block/ panchayat samiti are: Antpur, Dilakash, Furfurah, Jangipara, Kotalpur, Mundalika, Radhanagar, Rajbalhat I, Rajbalhat II and Rashidpur.

Jangipara Block
Map of Jangipara Block

Antpur Math

Dhunuchi Mandir Antpur

Antpur Math

In this village, on the night of 24th Dec, 1886, nine intimate disciples of Shri Ramakrishna including Swami Vivekananda took the extreme vow of renouncing the world and of living the life of monks. This village has become a great pilgrimage being the birth place and play field of Swami Premananda, a disciple of Lord Ramakrishna.

Furfura Mosque

Furfura Sarif

Furfura Mosque

Furfura Sharif contains the mazaar of one Abu Bakr Siddique and his five sons, popularly known as the Panch Huzur Keblah. He was a social and religious reformer, who founded charitable institutes, orphanages, madrasas, schools and learning centers. He was the founder of the "Silsila-e-Furfura Sharif" and a religious congregation observed on the 21st 22nd and 23rd of Falgun Bengali month.

Rajballavi Temple

Rajballavi Temple

Rajballavi Temple

The 16th century temple housing the idol of Devi Rajballavi, after whom Rajbalhat is named, can still be seen to this day but sadly the temple has been renovated several times and in the process wiping out centuries of history. The temple is still active and devotees from the surrounding region converge to Rajbalhat to pay tribute to the Goddess.

Other Information
Jangipara is known for its cultural Heritage. Many renowned personalities from different walks of life enriched its tradition and culture. Swami Vivekanada (1863-1902) adopted his name from Narendra Nath Datta to Vivekanada in Antpur Ramkrishna Math at Antpur in Jangipara and started his spiritual and intellectual journey on one hand and Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (1846 – 1939)of Furfura-Sharif, a direct descendant of the first Khalif of Islam, Syedena Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique on the other.He was a social and religious reformer,who founded charitable institutes especially for female education by establishing Madrasah in different part of undivided Bengal.

Besides Jangipara is also known for being the –

  1. Birth place of Sir W.C. Banerjee, 1st President of National Congress at Baganda.
  2. Birth place of Gosto Gopal Das, renowned Folk Singer.
  3. Birth place of Hemchandra Bandopadhyay, famous poet.

Tender – Jangipara Developement Block

Sl No Tender Details Scheme Start Date End Date View
1 Repair and renovation of existing building G+1 for susastha Kendra of Bhimpur SC at Furfura GP under Jangipara Block (Etender id- 2021_ZPHD_349968_1) Health Department 09/11/2021 17/11/2021 Download

Google Map of Jangipara Block

Map of Jangipara Block

Jangipara Block
Map of Jangipara Block

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    Important Contact Numbers of the Officers and Staff

    Sl No Department Contact Person Designation Phone No e-Mail
    1 P&RD Sitangshu Sekhar Shit B.D.O 03212-259666 (L), 9064719593 (M)
    2 P&RD Swapan Kumar Mullcik Jt. B.D.O 9432861174
    3 P&RD Soma Pal P.D.O. 8420622195
    4 P&RD Sk Mafujar Rahaman P.A.A.O. 9830329483
    5 DDM&CD Umasankar Tarafder B.D.M.O. 9830434459

    List of Gram Panchayats

    Sl No GP Name Prodhan Name Prodhan Number Email
    1 Antpur Ratikanta Panja 8371812044
    2 Dilakash Sagorika Barui 9932433386
    3 Furfura Shamim Ahamed 9564938334
    4 Jangipara Kantaram Murmu 9933951944
    5 Kotalpur Ganesh Malik 8327494973
    6 Mundalika Mariyannesa Begum 9732583263
    7 Radhanagar Namita Das 7063761415
    8 Rajbalhat-1 Dalia Maji 7407814737
    9 Rajbalhat-2 Tusar Kanti Rakshit 9732730804
    10 Rasidpur Tagary Malick 9153278247