Khanakul-II Development Block


  1. Block Location:- Latitude ->22.679



  1. Geographical area:- In Sq. Km-121.74 Square Kilometer
  2. Climate:- Tropical Savanna Climate
  3. Soil type:- Alluvial
  4. Soil structure:- Loamy
  5. Important rivers:- Rupnarayan, Mundeswari,


History of the Block:-Khanakul-II

It is one of the 18 Community Development Blocks under the district of Hooghly  and one of the CD Blocks among 6 CD Block under Arambagh Sub-Division. The area covered by this block is 121.78 Square Kilometer and surrounded by River Rupnarayan in the west flowing from north to south, District – Howrah from east to south and Khanakul –I CD Block in the north of this block. The other side of river Rupnarayan is the border of Daspur –II Block under Ghatal Sub-Division of Paschim Medinipur District.


The background of few eminent personalities like Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, Raja Rammohun Roy, Bhudev Mukhopadhayay and Dr. Sankari Prashad Basu are associated with Khanakul area.


Kaji Saukat Osman the litterateur of Bangladesh born at Sabalsinghapur village in 1917. Natibpur is the birth place of Manishi Bhudeb Mukhopadhayay and the original place of residence for Dr. Sankari Prashad Basu.


The names of village Rajhati, Senhat, Bandar (Dhanyaghori), Natibpur can be seen in literatures and in the past these places were renowned as important commercial places. The Rajrajeswar Temple established in 1874 by Mitra families at Senhat and The Vishalakshmi Temple & Singha Bahini Temple established in 1800 century by Pariyal family at Rajhati village, Natt Mandir are the centre of attraction in local area. Bandar (Dhanyaghori) was used as a Port in those days for Silk Trading Industries. Several personalities from this area took part in the movement for Freedom of India.


The natural beauty of Kamdebchak (Palaspai) by the side of river Mundeswari attracts many people from neighboring areas and used as a picnic spot for tourists.


There are 11 Nos. Gram Panchayats covering 53 Mouza (Villages) under this Block.


There are some people of these area engaged with cottage and small industries namely Dhup Making, Jorry-Chikon, Pottery etc. but there are no medium/major industries within this Block area.


Khanakul –II is a flood prone block as this is a low land area. During rainy days the river Rupnarayan and Mundeswari overflooded this block area and this block affected by loss of property, lives and crops. As a result the farmers of this Block area mostly depend on Boro crops 3 Nos. Gram Panchayats namely Dhanyaghori, Jagatpur and Marokhana are badly affected by erosion of river Rupnarayan.


Polling Station No. – 135 to 306 of 202-Khanakul Assembly Constituency under 29-Arambagh Parliamentary Constituency fall under this Block.  There are 216 Nos (172 Nos Main + 44 Nos Auxiliary) Polling Booths located in 119 Premises.

Sl.No. Name of G.P. Tender Details Amount Tender Floated Date Tender Closed Date Notice LinkNo. And date
1 Block Construction of C C road from Kushali Benepukur Kaltala to Jamandari Bandh within Rajhati-I G.P under Khanakul-II P S Code.-67352077 1353677/- 18.09.2023 04.10.2023 NIT No- 36/KH-II P.S/2022-23, Dated -18.09.2023
2 Block Estimate for new Girls Toilet works at Nandanpur Rupchand Academy (H.S) under Khanakul south C.L.R.C within Khanakul-Dev. Block. 760920/- 18.09.2023 30.09.2023 NIT No- 37/KH-II P.S/2022-23, Dated -18.09.2023
Sl.No Subject Link
1 Kanyashree
2 E District
3 Banglar Bhumi
4 Aikyashree Scholarship
5 Caste Certificate
6 Anandadhara
7 Saboojsathi
8 Krishak Bandhu
9 Khadya Sathi
10 Swasthya Sathi
11 Self Help Group & Self Employment
12 Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship
13 Oasis Scholarship

    CAPTCHA Image

    Sl No Department Contact Person e-Mail
    1 Block Dev Office BDO
    2 BAY BIO
    3 NREGS Jt. BDO
    4 Swasthyasathi BIO
    5 Engg Section SAE(BP)
    6 Disaster Management BDMO
    7 Health JT. BDO
    8 Caste Certificate Ins BCW
    9 samobathi PA&AO
    10 Kanyashree Data Manager
    11 Rupashree Data Manager
    12 sikhashree SEO
    Sl No GP Name Prodhan Name E mail ID Mobile No
    1 Chingra Kartick Isar 9775752113
    2 Dhanghori Binapani Bhowmick 8695787217
    3 Jagatpur Prabhas Shaw 9775075723
    4 Marokhana Habal Mandal 8768259986
    5 Natibpur-I Barnali Das (Adhikari) 7872142445
    6 Natibpur-II Rina Bhuniya 9083252920
    7 Palaspai-I PRATIMA DAS 9732882089
    8 Palaspai-II Sandhya Das 8345847856
    9 Rajhati-I Aktara Begam 9733647127
    10 Rajhati-II Shri Samir Pramanik 9064777404
    11 Sabalsinghapur Iqubal Hossain Khan 9883848689
    Sl.No. Name of G.P. Name of the ANGANWADI CENTRE Address of ANGANWADI CENTRE School Name
    1 Chingra Balaichak Balaichak RANJITBATI PASCHIMPARA PRY. SC
    2 Chingra Bamnar Kone Chingra RANJITBATI NETAJI PRY. SCHOOL
    3 Chingra Dosoti Gangatala Ranjitbati RANJITBATI PRY. SCHOOL
    4 Chingra Gourangachak Gourangachak KETEDAL EAST PRY. SCHOOL
    5 Chingra Gourangachak BK Pry. School Gourangachak (East) RANJITBATI K.P.M.PRY. SCHOOL
    6 Chingra Ketedol Paschim Ketedal CHINGRA PRY. SCHOOL
    7 Chingra Ketedol Purbo Ketedal GOURANGACHAK PRY. SCHOOL
    8 Chingra Malancha Malancha DIGBANDH SITALAMATA PRY. SCH.
    9 Chingra Nabinchak Isan Kumaritala Nabinchak RANJITBATI DASULI PRY. SCHOOL
    10 Chingra Ranjitbati Ranjitbati KUMARCHAK GANDHI PRY. SCHOOL
    11 Chingra Balaichak Paschim Manasatala Balaichak TAKURANICHAK PRY. SCHOOL
    12 Chingra Chingra Chingra MALANCHA ANSIK N.B. VID.
    13 Chingra Chingra Bar Para Chingra Barpara GOURANGACHAK B.K.PRY. SCHOOL
    14 Chingra Chingra G.P Sanglano Chingra BALAICHAK PRY. SCHOOL
    15 Chingra Digband Manasatala Pry Chingra NABINCHAK PRY. SCHOOL
    16 Chingra Gourangachak Paschim Gourangachak (West) RANJITBATI DOSUTI. J.H.SCHOOL
    17 Chingra Ketedol Chikitala Ketedal RANJITBATI JR. HIGH SCHOOL
    18 Chingra Ketedol Darkhola Para Ketedal BALAICHAK RAJA R.M. VIDYAPITH
    19 Chingra Ketedol Ghanta Para Ketedal  
    20 Chingra Ketedol Polly Mongal Pry. Ketedal  
    21 Chingra Nabinchak Dakhin Para Nabinchak  
    22 Chingra Ranjitbati Netaji Pry. School Ranjitbati  
    23 Chingra Ranjitbati Paschim Pry. School Ranjitbati  
    24 Chingra Ranjitbati Purbo Para Ranjitbati  
    25 Chingra Thakuranichak Lut Bihari Chingra  
    26 Chingra Thakuranichak Pry. School Chingra  
    27 Dhannyaghuri Dhanyaghori Uttar Dhanyaghari KAKAN SIBTALA (MANASATALA) SSK
    28 Dhannyaghuri Dhyanaghori Dharmatala Dhanyaghori KAKNAN SIBTALA PRY. SCHOOL
    29 Dhannyaghuri Ghoradaha Dakhin Ghoradaha KAKNAN RAJA RAMMOHAN PRY. SCHO
    30 Dhannyaghuri Ghoradaha Ghanti Para Ghoradaha KAKNAN UTTARPARA SITALAMATA PRY
    31 Dhannyaghuri Ghoradaha Uttar Ghoradaha KAKNAN NOSIMIYA PRY. SCHOOL
    32 Dhannyaghuri Ghoradaha Uttar Kalitala Ghoradaha KAKNAN PRAFULLA PRY. SCHOOL
    33 Dhannyaghuri Kaknan Rammohon Kaknan DHANYAGORI DHARMATALA PRY
    34 Dhannyaghuri Kaknan Kalitala Kaknan DHANYAGORI SIBTALA PRY
    35 Dhannyaghuri Near of Haniz Kapas House Dhanyaghori DHANYAGORI UTTARPARA PRY
    36 Dhannyaghuri Dhanyaghori Dhanyaghori D.GORI UTTAR HAREKRISHNA KONAR P
    37 Dhannyaghuri Dhanyaghori Mansatala Dhanyaghori DHANYAGORI PARITOSH SMRITI SSK
    38 Dhannyaghuri Dhanyaghori Nadi BandhPara Dhanyaghori DHANYAGORI BADARPARA PRY. SCHO
    39 Dhannyaghuri Ghoradaha Maity Para Ghoradaha GHORADAHA PRY. SCHOOL
    40 Dhannyaghuri Ghoradaha Shibtala Ghoradaha GHORADAHA SOUTH PRY. SCHOOL
    41 Dhannyaghuri Ghoradaha Uttar Mansatala Ghoradaha GHORADAHA KALIMATA PRY. SCHOOL
    42 Dhannyaghuri Ghoradaha Kotal Para Ghoradaha GHORADAHA UTTAR PRY. SCHOOL
    43 Dhannyaghuri Kaknan Malik Para Kaknan GHORADAHA SOUTH RAMMOHAN PRY.
    44 Dhannyaghuri Kaknan Mollar Sadar Kaknan GHORADAHA PRABHAKAR JANA SMRITY PRY
    45 Dhannyaghuri Kaknan Parial Chak Kaknan DHYANYAGURI HIGH SCHOOL
    46 Dhannyaghuri Kaknan Shibtala Kaknan GHORADAHA S.C. HIGH SCHOOL
    47 Dhannyaghuri Near of Krishna Das House Kaknan  
    48 Dhannyaghuri Near of Sital Patra House Dhanyaghori  
    49 Jagatpur Barnandanpur Hazrapara Barnandanpur BARNANDAPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    50 Jagatpur Barnandanpur Jagadistala Barnandanpur BARNANDAPUR UTTARPARA PRY. SCHOOL
    51 Jagatpur Barnandanpur Sitalatala Barnandanpur B.NANDAPUR DAKSHINPARA KANAILA
    52 Jagatpur Jagatpur 1no. River pump Jagatpur BARNANDANPUR GOLIMOHAN KALIT SSK
    53 Jagatpur Jagatpur Ballground Jagatpur NANDANPUR SAMABAI SAMITY SSK
    54 Jagatpur Jagatpur Bargakhetrapara Jagatpur NANDAPUR PRAMATHANATH PRY. SCH
    55 Jagatpur Jagatpur Basabatipara Jagatpur NANDAPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    56 Jagatpur Jagatpur Mansatala Jagatpur JAGATPUR FAKIRDAS PRY SCHOOL
    57 Jagatpur Nandanpur Bandh Para Nandanpur N.PUR UTTARPARA JAGADISHTOLA PRY
    58 Jagatpur Nandanpur Berbati Bokultala Nandanpur N.PUR BERABATI KARUNAMOYEE PRY
    59 Jagatpur Nandanpur Hattala Nandanpur NANDAPUR PUTIKHALI PRY
    60 Jagatpur Nandanpur Kalitala Nandanpur NANDAPUR TARANJINI PRY SCHOOL
    61 Jagatpur Nandanpur S.B.K Nandanpur JAGATPUR NO.2 PRY. SCHOOL
    62 Jagatpur Barnandanpur Purbapara Barnandanpur JAGATPUR BASABATI PRY. SCHOOL
    63 Jagatpur Barnandanpur S.Hazrapara Barnandanpur JAGATPUR NO.1 PRY. SCHOOL
    64 Jagatpur Barnandanpur Uttar Barnandanpur JAGATPUR PRIMARY SCHOOL
    65 Jagatpur Bhagirat Pry. School Routhkhana JAGATPUR DHARAMTALA PRY. SCHOOL
    66 Jagatpur Jagatpur Dunior Bandh Jagatpur JAGATPUR HIGH SCHOOL
    67 Jagatpur Jagatpur Mathpara Jagatpur NANDAPUR RUPCHAND ACADEMY
    68 Jagatpur Jagatpur Rajbansh Para Jagatpur NANDANPUR TARANJINI JR HIGH SCHOOL
    69 Jagatpur Nandanpur Chaltatala Nandanpur  
    70 Jagatpur Nandanpur Daltala Nandanpur  
    71 Jagatpur Nandanpur PSS Nandanpur  
    72 Jagatpur Nandanpur Uttar Nandanpur  
    73 Marokhana Marokhana Sitalatala Marokhana BONHIGLY PASCHIMPARA SSK
    74 Marokhana Bonhijli Bonhijli BONHIZLY MAKHANLAL PRY SCHOOL
    75 Marokhana Bonhijli Makhanlal Pry. Bonhijli HANUA KALIMATA PRY. SCHOOL
    76 Marokhana Bonhijli Pachal Para Bonhijli BONHIJLY FATICK CH. PRY. SCHOOL
    77 Marokhana Bonhijli Paschim Para Bonhijli BONHIZLI SADHAN CH. KHAN PRY
    78 Marokhana Chand Kundu Chandkundu MAROKHANA NORTH PRY SCHOOL
    79 Marokhana Dhaldanga Dhaldanga MANIKDWEEP PRY SCHOOL
    80 Marokhana Dhaldanga Mondal Para Dhaldanga MAROKHANA PRY SCHOOL
    81 Marokhana Hanua Kalitala Hanua CHANDKUNDU BAHIR JAGATPUR PRY
    82 Marokhana Hanua Kalitala Hanua DHALDANGA PRY
    83 Marokhana Hanua Purba Para Hanua SUNDARPUR MAJHPARA SSK
    84 Marokhana Juarichak (Manikdwip) Manikdwip SUNDARPUR PRY SCHOOL
    85 Marokhana Kamdeb Chak Kamdebchak DHALDANGA SOUTH PRY SCHOOL
    86 Marokhana Marokhana Bandar Para Marokhana DHABALDANGA NO2 PRY
    87 Marokhana Marokhana Bandh Para Marokhana DHALDANGA SIBTALA PRY SCHOOL
    88 Marokhana Marokhana Majipara Marokhana MAROKHANA GHORUIPARA SSK
    89 Marokhana Marokhana Maktob Marokhana MAROKHANA MAKTAB PRY SCHOOL
    90 Marokhana Marokhana Sibtala Marokhana MAROKHANA PASCHIM PRATHAMIK
    91 Marokhana Marokhana Uttar Para Marokhana SHYAMMAJI BANDAR PARA PRY
    92 Marokhana Sosapota Sosapota HANUA PRY. SCHOOL WEST
    93 Marokhana Sosapota Purba Para Sosapota HANUA SISU SIKHA KENDRA
    94 Marokhana Sunadarpur Pal Para Sundarpur KAMDEVCHAK HARIJAN PRY
    95 Marokhana Sundarpur Jagadishtala Sundarpur MOHISNALA DAMKUNDU JOARIACHAK
    96 Marokhana Sundarpur Kandarpara Marokhana SASHAPOTA H.J BASIC PRY. SCHOO
    97 Marokhana Dhaldanga Pry. School Dhaldanga SOSAPOTA UTTAR NANDABALA PRY
    98 Marokhana Bonhijli Hazrapara Bonhijli SOSAPOTA H.J  JR.HIGH SCHOOL
    99 Marokhana Bonhijli Sk. Para Bonhijli MOROKHANA HIGH SCHOOL
    100 Marokhana Sosapota Uttar para Sosapota  
    101 Natibpur-I Baligori Dulepara Baligori ROUTHKHANA B. PRY. SCHOOL
    102 Natibpur-I Bankanagar Pry. School Bankanagar TENTULIA CHAKRAPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    103 Natibpur-I Ganeshpur Ganeshpur ROUTHKHANA PATRAPARA
    104 Natibpur-I Jagatpur 2no. Pry. School Jagatput J.G.R.T.N.PRY. SCHOOL
    105 Natibpur-I Joyrampur Babujan Para Joyrampur NAWPARA PRY. SCHOOL
    106 Natibpur-I Joyrampur Mondalpara Joyrampur BANKANAGAR S.D.G.PRY. SCHOOL
    107 Natibpur-I Joyrampur Mondal Para Joyrampur MANDERCHAK PRY. SCHOOL
    108 Natibpur-I Mandarchak Mandarchak SIMCHAK PRY. SCHOOL
    109 Natibpur-I Naw Para Nawpara SIMULAIA PRY. SCHOOL
    110 Natibpur-I Rauthkhana Routhkhana BALIGORY PRY. SCHOOL
    111 Natibpur-I Simchak Simchak GANESHPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    112 Natibpur-I Sitapur Goyal Para Sitapur TENTULIA CHAKRAPUR Jr. HIGH SCHOOL
    113 Natibpur-I Ganeshpur Bouri Para Ganeshpur JOYRAMPUR PANCHANAN CHAKRABORT
    114 Natibpur-I Simuliya Pry. School Simuliya  
    115 Natibpur-I Routhkhana Patra Para Routhkhana  
    116 Natibpur-I Tentuliya Pry. School Tentuliya  
    117 Natibpur-II Balpai Manasatala Balpai BALPAI UTTARPALLYSARBJONIN SSK
    118 Natibpur-II Balpai Paschim Balpai NATIBPUR P.D.PRY.
    119 Natibpur-II Doulatchak Muslim Para Doulatchak PIPRAGHOLE PRY. SCHOOL
    120 Natibpur-II Doulatchak Sibtala Doulatchak NATIBPUR BHUDEB PRY. SCHOOL
    121 Natibpur-II Natibpur Dakshin Natibpur NATIBPUR BEHARILAL PRY. SCHOOL
    122 Natibpur-II Natibpur Uttar Natibpur NATIBPUR HARIPADA PRY. SCHOOL
    123 Natibpur-II Natibpur Uttar Sikha Niketan Natibpur BALPAI SITALAMATA PRY.SCHOOL
    124 Natibpur-II Balpai Hattala Pry. Balpai BALPAI SUKANTA S.S.NEKETAN
    125 Natibpur-II Balpai Mollick Para Balpai BALPAI MUZAFFAR AHAMED PRY.
    126 Natibpur-II Balpai Sekhpara Pry Balpai BALPAI P.C.S.PRY. VIDYAMANDIR
    127 Natibpur-II Balpai SinghGayenpara Balpai DAULATCHAK PRY. SCHOOL
    128 Natibpur-II Balpai Sitalatala Balpai DAULATCHAK PRY. SCHOOL(WEST)
    129 Natibpur-II Balpai Uttar Balpai BALPAI KALIMATA PRY. SCHOOL
    130 Natibpur-II Natibpur Bhuiya Daspara Natibpur BALPAI P.C. SEN VIDYAMANDIR
    131 Natibpur-II Natibpur Shah Para Natibpur NATIBPUR BHUDEB VIDYALAYA
    132 Natibpur-II Natibpur Sayeb Begam Natibpur  
    133 Natibpur-II Piragholi Sibtala Natibpur  
    134 Palaspai-I Barboun Barboun KATASIA PRY. SCHOOL
    135 Palaspai-I Chapanagari Chanpanagari MAGRI PRY. SCHOOL
    136 Palaspai-I Chapanagari Moth Chanpanagari MAGRI SISHU SIKSHA KENDRA
    137 Palaspai-I Charaktala Palaspai BARBOWN RAMANGA PRY. SCHOOL
    138 Palaspai-I Imamdanga Palaspai CHAMPANAGORI PRY. SCHOOL
    139 Palaspai-I Kotasia Kotasia MOSTAFAPUR S.S.S.PRY. SCH.(E)
    140 Palaspai-I Magri Magri MOSTAFAPUR VIDYASAGAR PRY. SCH
    141 Palaspai-I Mostafapur Singh Bouri Para Mostafapur MOSTAFAPUR H.K.KONER PRY. SCH.
    142 Palaspai-I Mostafapur Dakhsin Mostafapur MOSTAFAPUR GANDHI PRY. SCHOOL
    143 Palaspai-I Mostafapur Dakhsin Mansatala Mostafapur MOSTAFAPUR MAGRI NAJRUL PRY.
    144 Palaspai-I Mostafapur Madhabchak Uttar Mostafapur PALASPAI SUKANTA PRY. SCHOOL
    145 Palaspai-I Mostafapur Nozrul Pry. Mostafapur PALASPAI PART BESIC PRY SCHOOL
    146 Palaspai-I Mostafapur PramanikPara Mostafapur PALASPAI BANIMANDIR PRY. SCHOO
    147 Palaspai-I Mostafapur Uttar Mostafapur MOSTAFAPUR GANDHI HIGH SCHOOL
    148 Palaspai-I Mostafapur New Uttar Mostafapur PALASHPAI UCCHA B. VIDYALAYA
    149 Palaspai-I Mostafapur Vidyasagar Pry Mostafapur MAGRI JATINDRANATH HARIJON
    150 Palaspai-I Muchighata Palaspai Palaspai  
    151 Palaspai-I Palaspai Palaspai  
    152 Palaspai-I Talghogi Palaspai  
    153 Palaspai-II Bhairabpur Bhairabpur HAYATPUR SSK
    154 Palaspai-II Hayatpur Paschim Hayatpur KUNIACHAK S.M.PRY. SCHOOL
    155 Palaspai-II Hayatpur Purba Hayatpur BHAIRABPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    156 Palaspai-II Narendrapur Pry. School Naredrapur HAYATPUR 3NO. PRY. SCHOOL
    157 Palaspai-II Hayatpur 1no. Pry. School Hayatpur PARKOLAHAR PRY. SCHOOL
    158 Palaspai-II Hayatpur Dakhin Hayatpur HAYATPUR 1NO.PRY. SCHOOL
    159 Palaspai-II Hayatpur Maddhya Hayatpur HAYATPUR D.B.PRY. SCHOOL
    160 Palaspai-II Hayatpur Paschim Daspara Hayatpur HAYATPUR 2NO. PRY. SCHOOL
    161 Palaspai-II Hayatpur Sibtala Hayatpur HAYATPUR CHARUBALA PRY SCHOOL
    162 Palaspai-II Hayatpur uttar Hayatpur NARENDRAPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    163 Palaspai-II Khuniachak Khuniachak PALASPAI ANCHAL RAMKRISHNA VID
    164 Palaspai-II Khuniachak Mallick Para Khuniachak HAYATPUR JR. HIGH SCHOOL
    165 Palaspai-II Khuniachak Samantapara Khuniachak HAYATPUR R.K. HIGH SCHOOL
    166 Palaspai-II Khuniachak Singh Para Khuniachak PALASPAI ANCHAL GITA RANI DHARA BALIKA
    167 Palaspai-II Narendrapur Sitalatala Naredrapur ADARSHA SIKSHANIKETAN HIGH SCHOOL.
    168 Palaspai-II Netaji Milan Sangha Hayatpur  
    169 Palaspai-II Parkalahar Bhairabpur  
    170 Rajhati-I Kumarhat Kumarhat HIRAPUR BANDHPARA PRY. SCHOOL
    171 Rajhati-I Kusali Kusali HIRAPUR JAMALUDDIN PRY. SCHOOL
    172 Rajhati-I Hirapur Hirapur HIRAPUR JOYDEV PAL PURBAPARA
    173 Rajhati-I Hirapur Hirapur HIRAPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    174 Rajhati-I Hirapur Akunpara Hirapur KUMARHAT BHAGABATI PRY.
    175 Rajhati-I Hirapur Bandh Para Hirapur KUMARHAT PRY. SCHOOL
    176 Rajhati-I Hirapur Porabattala Hirapur KUSHALI BENEPUKUR PRY. SCHOOL
    177 Rajhati-I Hirapur Pathan Para Hirapur KUSHALI PRY SCHOOL.
    178 Rajhati-I Hirapur Ruidas Para Hirapur RADHAKRISHNAPUR BANI PRY. SCHO
    179 Rajhati-I Khantara Khantara RADHAKRISHNAPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    180 Rajhati-I Khantara Sibtala Khantara KHANTARA VIDYASAGAR SSK
    181 Rajhati-I Kumarhat Bhagabatitala Kumarhat KHANTARA PRY. SCHOOL
    182 Rajhati-I Kumarhat Khanpara Kumarhat RAMCHANDRAPUR MATANGINI PRY
    183 Rajhati-I Kusali Molla Para Kusali RAMCHANDRAPUR DOBANDIPARA PRY.
    184 Rajhati-I Radhakrishnapur Radhakrishnapur RAMCHANDRAPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    185 Rajhati-I Radhakrishnapur Radhakrishnapur RAMCHANDRAPUR RAJA R. MOHAN ROY PR
    186 Rajhati-I Radhakrishnapur Sibtala Radhakrishnapur RADHAKRISHNAPUR VIVEKANANDA PRY
    187 Rajhati-I Ramchandrapur Ramchandrapur HIRAPUR SIDDQUIA JUNIOR HIGH MADRASHA
    188 Rajhati-I Ramchandrapur Bak Bakul Para Ramchandrapur HIRAPUR JR. HIGH MADRASHA
    189 Rajhati-I Ramchandrapur Dobadi Para Ramchandrapur KUMARHAT HIGH SCHOOL
    190 Rajhati-I Ramchandrapur Ghata Para Ramchandrapur RAMCHANDRAPUR A.V.B
    191 Rajhati-I Ramchandrapur Masjidtala Ramchandrapur HIRAPUR PURBAPARA JAYDEB PAL JR.HIGH
    192 Rajhati-I Ramchandrapur Tion para Ramchandrapur  
    193 Rajhati-I Radhakrishnapur Hazra Radhakrishnapur  
    194 Rajhati-II Madhayranga Sri Ramkrishna Pry.School Madhyaranga JARUR BHAGABATIMATA PRY SCHOOL
    195 Rajhati-II Madhyaranga Madhyaranga SENHAT PRY. SCHOOL
    196 Rajhati-II Mamakpur Mamakpur SUFAL PALUI PRY SCHOOL
    197 Rajhati-II Mamakpur Mistri Para Mamakpur RAJHATI UTTTAR TAPASILI PARA
    198 Rajhati-II Rajhati Dakhsin Para Rajhati RAJHATI B.H. PRIMARY SCHOOL.
    199 Rajhati-II Rajhati Kali Mandir Rajhati RAJHATI PURBA PARA SSK
    200 Rajhati-II Rajhati Majh Para Rajhati RAJHATI PURBAPARA PRY SCHOOL
    201 Rajhati-II Rajhati Paschim Para Rajhati RAJHATI RAMDAS PRY
    202 Rajhati-II Rajhati Purba Mamakpur Rajhati MADHYARANGA SRIRAMKRISHNA PRY
    203 Rajhati-II Rajhati Ramdas Pry. Rajhati SRIPUR NAGENDRA PRY
    204 Rajhati-II Rajhati Uttar Para Rajhati MAMAKPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    206 Rajhati-II Senhat Paschim Dutta Para Senhat SENHAT NIBEDITA SSK
    207 Rajhati-II Senhat Paschim Para Senhat RAJHATI BANDAR HIGH SCHOOL
    208 Rajhati-II Sripur Sripur RAJHATI JNANADA BALIKA VIDYAL.
    209 Rajhati-II Zarur Zarur  
    210 Rajhati-II Zarur Bhagabatimata Pry.School Zarur  
    211 Sabalsinghapur Harishchak Purba Harishchak HARISCHAK PURBA DOLUI PARA SSK
    212 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Durgatala Harishchak HARISHCHAK H.K.KONER PRY. SCH.
    213 Sabalsinghapur Harischak KHD Pry. School Harishchak K.H.D.PRY. SCHOOL
    214 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Kole Para Harishchak PER HARISHCHAK PRY. SCHOOL
    215 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Mahajan Para Harishchak HARISHCHAK MAJPARA PRY. SCHOOL
    216 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Paschim Harishchak HARISHCHAK R.K. PRY. SCHOOL
    217 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Paschim Jana Para Harishchak SABALSINGHAPUR NAZRUL PRY. SCH
    218 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Paschim Hazra Para Harishchak SABALSINGHAPUR PRY. SCHOOL
    219 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Paschim Uttar Harishchak HARISHCHAK WEST PRY. SCHOOL
    220 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Purba Ramkrishna Harishchak HARISHCHAK GRAM HITYESHE PRY
    221 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Uttar Purba Harishchak HARISHCHAK VIVEKANANADA PRY.SC
    222 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Bodhak Para Harishchak SABALSINGHAPUR JR. MADRASHA PRY
    223 Sabalsinghapur Harischak Bar Para Harishchak SABALSINGHAPUR S.PRY. SCHOOL
    224 Sabalsinghapur Hazi Md. Mohosin Sabalsinghapur SABALSINGHAPUR M.A. PRY. SCH.
    225 Sabalsinghapur Kabirajchak Uttar Harishchak SABALSINGHAPUR SUKANTA PRY. SC
    226 Sabalsinghapur Par Harischak Harishchak HARISHCHAK K.H.D.JR. HIGH SCHOOL
    227 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Paschim Para Sabalsinghapur HARISHCHAK HIGH SCHOOL
    228 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Sankhi Para Sabalsinghapur SABALSINGHAPUR HIGH MADRASAH
    229 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Kalitala Sabalsinghapur  
    230 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Mother Tereja Sabalsinghapur  
    231 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Rammohan Sabalsinghapur  
    232 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Uttar Harishchak  
    233 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Uttar Para Sabalsinghapur  
    234 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Uttar Para Sabalsinghapur  
    235 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Dakshin Sabalsinghapur  
    236 Sabalsinghapur Sabalsinghapur Paschim Sabalsinghapur  
    Sl.No. Name of G.P. Ration Dealer Name Address
    1 Chingra Mantu Kr Golui(133801400024) BALAICHAK,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    2 Chingra Sunil Kr Mondal(133801400028) BALAICHAK,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    3 Chingra Mohit Kumar Naga Tagged A/C of Panchanan Roy(Wb0338990380) RANJITBATI,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    4 Chingra Mohit Kumar Naga(133801400027) KETEDAL,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    5 Chingra Balai Ch Maity(133801400026) CHINGRA,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    6 Dhanyaghori Ratan Chandra Guchait Tagged A/C of Tarakeswar Samanta(133801400001) KAKNAN,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    7 Dhanyaghori Ratan Ch Guchait(133801400002) DHANYAGHORI,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    8 Dhanyaghori Avijit Maity(133801400003) GHORADAHA,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    9 Dhanyaghori Smt Rina Samanta(Wb0338990335) DHANYAGHORI,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    10 Dhanyaghori Samir Kr Sanki(133801400004) DHANYAGHORI,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    11 Jagatpur Dipak Kr Kar(133801400011) JAGATPUR, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    12 Jagatpur Sri Bivakar Dwari(Wb0338990334) BARNANDANPUR, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    13 Jagatpur Patakiranjan Ghosh(133801400007) NANDANPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    14 Jagatpur Prasanta Kr Bag(133801400008) NANDANPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    15 Jagatpur Shambhunath Manna(133801400009) NANDANPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    16 Jagatpur Sanat Kr Kar Manoranjan Kar(133801400010) JAGATPUR, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    17 Marokhana Madan Ch Samanta(133801400012) MAROKHANA,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    18 Marokhana Manas Hazra(133801400013) HANUA,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    19 Marokhana Tapan Kumar Santra(133801400014) CHANDKUNDU,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    20 Marokhana Sudarshan Adak(133801400015) MAROKHANA,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    21 Marokhana Brindaban Maity(133801400016) SUNDARPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    22 Marokhana Binay Jele(133801400017) SASAPOTA,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    23 Marokhana Pravas Ch Bera(133801400018) BONHIJLI,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    24 Natibpur-I Kartick Pal(Wb0338990359) GANESHPUR, ROUTHKHANA, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    25 Natibpur-I Asitbaran Singharoy Joyanta Singharoy(133801400072) ROUTHKHANA, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    26 Natibpur-II Swapan Kr Chowdhury(133801400073) NATIBPUR, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    27 Natibpur-II Tapas Adhikari(133801400074) BALPAI, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    28 Natibpur-II Shyamal Kumar Samanta(Wb0033899084) DOULATCHAK, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    29 Natibpur-II Rabindranath Samanta(133801400071) NATIBPUR, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    30 Palaspai-I Namita Mallick(133801400076) PALASPAI,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    31 Palaspai-I Biswarup Adhikari(133801400079) MOSTAFAPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    32 Palaspai-I Ananda Kr Sana(133801400080) MOSTAFAPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    33 Palaspai-I Mohirum Begum(133801400082) CHANPANAGARI,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    34 Palaspai-II Asthapada Jana(133801400077) NARENDRAPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    35 Palaspai-II Arnab Dolui(133801400078) HAYATPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    36 Palaspai-II Ashoke Kr Mondal(133801400081) HAYATPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    37 Rajhati-I Sk Abdul Wahed(133801400033) HIRAPUR, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    38 Rajhati-I Munsi Majarul Hoque(133801400035) RAMCHANDRAPUR, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    39 Rajhati-I Munshi Nazbul Karim(133801400036) KHANTARA, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    40 Rajhati-I Gautam Adhikari(133801400032) KUMARHAT, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    41 Rajhati-II Swapan Kr Pal(133801400034) RAJHATI, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    42 Rajhati-II Nabakumar Rom(133801400029) RAJHATI, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    43 Rajhati-II Amiya Kr. Mitra(Wb0033899083) RAJHATI, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    44 Rajhati-II Sandip Samanta(133801400031) MADHYARANGA, KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    45 Sabalsinghapur Manowar Hussain Tagged A/C of Najiya Begam Jahanara Khatun(133801400023)  SABALSINGHAPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    46 Sabalsinghapur Manoar Hussain(133801400019) SABALSINGHAPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    47 Sabalsinghapur Basirul Alam(133801400020) SABALSINGHAPUR,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    48 Sabalsinghapur Rajiv Mondal(133801400022) HARISHCHAK,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY
    49 Sabalsinghapur Harischawk Pallymangal Skus Lyd(133801400021) HARISHCHAK,  KHANAKUL-II, HOOGHLY