Chandannagar Subdivision

A major portion of Chandannagore subdivion is part of the Hooghly-Damodar Plain, the agriculturally rich alluvial plains lying between the Hooghly and the Damodar. The narrow strip of land along the Hooghly is part of the Hooghly Flats. The entire area is a part of the Gangetic Delta. The Hooghly is a tidal river and has a high west bank. The Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, the Danes and the British dominated industry, trade and commerce in this area for more than two centuries, and as a result the Hooghly Flats is highly industrialised.

AREA ( Square Kilometer ) 508.08
POPULATION ( Census 2011 ) 1,127,176
RURAL POPULATION % ( Census 2011 ) 58.52%
URBAN POPULATION % ( Census 2011 ) 41.48%

Administrative Units

Chandannagar subdivision has 5 police stations, 3 community development blocks, 3 panchayat samitis, 41 gram panchayats, 352 mouzas, 339 inhabited villages, 1 municipal corporation, 3 municipalities and 7 census towns. The single municipal corporation is Chandernagore Municipal Corporation. The municipalities are Tarakeswar Municipality, Bhadreswar Municipality and Champdani Municipality. The Blocks are: Singur, Haripal and Tarakeswar. The census towns are: Bargachhia, Balarambati, Singur, Nasibpur, Jagatnagar, Baruipara and Borai. The subdivision has its headquarters at Chandannagar.

CGR Administrative Map

Police stations

Police stations in Chandannagore subdivision have the following features and jurisdiction:

Police Station Municipal Town CD Block
Tarakeswar Tarakeswar Tarakeswar
Haripal Haripal
Singur Singur
Bhadreswar Bhadreswar, Champdani, Chandannagar (partly) Singur
Chandannagar Chandannagar
CGR Health Map


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French colony of Chandannagar will now have Joloshree, the premium restaurant boat , initiative by the Department of Tourism, Government of West Bengal.

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    SL No Contact Person Designation e-Mail
    1 Ayan Dutta Gupta SDO, Chandannagar

    2 Rizwan Ahmed DM&DC
    3 Sujoy Kumar Dhar DM&DC
    4 Poushali Chakraborti DM&DC
    5 Suvankar Dey TO
    6 Shiuli Dhara ATO
    7 Piyali Ghosh ATO

    8 Suvajit Singha SDDMO

    SL No Block Name Name of the BDO Email ID Block Web Page
    1 Tarakeswar Development Block Subrata Mallick View
    2 Haripal Development Block Jayanta Saha View
    3  Singur Development Block Partha Bandhopadhyay View
    SL No. Municipality Name Name of the Commissioner / Executive Officer Email ID Web Page
    1 Chandannagar Municipal Corporation Swapan Kumar Kundu View
    2 Bhadreswar Municipality Pradip Kumar Acharya View
    3 Champdani Municipality Sujoy Dhar View
    4 Tarakeswar Municipality Nazirul Haque View

    Festival of Jagadharti Puja , Chandannagar

    Jagadhatri Puja is one of the important festivals celebrated after Durga Puja, Laxmi and Kali Puja in the month of Kartik. Devotees worship and celebrate reincarnation of Goddess Durga in the name of Jagadhatri and create the splendid ambiance with high festive spirits. Jagaddhatri is referred as another name of Durga. The two cities of West Bengal are famous for the worshiping of this goddess, namely Krishnanagar and Chandannagar.

    Chandannagar Strand

    The Chandan Nagar strand is the most important and popular pathway in all of Chandan Nagar. The strand is built along the Ganges river, lined with trees and lights. The most important feature of the strand is that in addition to the stunning riverside view, the strand has numerous monuments and historical spots along the region, making it a complete day’s worth of visit. The area also has a lot of restaurants to make sure you don’t go hungry. The Chandannagar strand is celebrated as the most decorated strip of Ganges, in all it’s course right from the Himalayas.

    Nandadulal Temple

    Nandadulal Temple built in 1740 by Indranarayan Roychoudhury presents an excellent example of ancient Indian sculptures. There are many fascinating temples devoted to KaliShiva and other deities which show marks of brilliant craftsmanship and artistic taste. The temple’s old idol of lord Krishna was thrown away into the pond behind the temple by a general. Later the pieces of the idols were fished out and submerged in varanasi. It is built in the do chalha style.

    The Sacred Heart Church

    The church is situated near the Strand. It was designed by French Architect Jacques Duchatz. The church was inaugurated by Paul Goethals 27 January 1884.The church stands for over two centuries to mark the beauty of the architecture during the French period – a good place to visit for the historians and tourists alike. The remains of the Church of St. Louis is also an attractive tourist spot.


    Chandannagar Museum and Indo-French Institute is an Indo-French cultural centre and museum. It was established in the 19th century by the then French Prime Minister Pompidre and Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. The center features various galleries, dedicated to the French East India Company, French furniture, French periodic administration as well as Indian art and crafts. The art gallery and museum was open to the public in the year 1956.

    The museum contains displays regarding the local history of Chandannagar, including the archaeological discoveries in the district since the Gupta period. Besides, the library contains information relating to the French administration in India.

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    Notice for promotional recruitment to the post of AWW(s) under Chandernagore Sub-Division


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    Promotional Recruitment to the Post of AWW(s) Chandannagar Sub-Division

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    Chandannagar Sub-Division







    Recruitment notice for the post of ASHA workers in Chandannagar Sub-Division

    Memo No – 372/C/CGR

    ASHA Selection Committee 

    Chandannagar Sub-Division

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    Football match under SVEEP under Tarakeswar block

    SVEEP activity with ELC members at Chandannagar College