Serampore-Uttarpara Development Block

The Serampore-Uttarpara Development Block is mostly part of the Hooghly Flats, one of the three natural regions in the district of the flat alluvial plains that forms part of the Gangetic Delta. The region is a narrow strip of land along the 80 km long stretch of the Hooghly River, that forms the eastern boundary of the district. The region has been physiographically influenced by the course of the river. The western part of the block gradually merges into the Hooghly-Damodar Plain.


Tender – (Serampore-Uttarpara Developement Block)

Sl No Tender Details Scheme Start Date End Date View
1 Construction of PCC Road from Jolo’s shop to Jana’s Goli via Naity Road of Kanaipur G.P. under Serampore- Uttarpara Panchayat Samity. Beup(2020-21) 25/06/2021 13/07/2021 Download (5574KB)
2 Street Lighting at Raghunathpur Gram Panchayat under Serampore Uttarpara Development Block BEUP 16.07.2021 26.07.2021 Download (4087KB)

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    Important Contact Numbers

    Officers and Staff

    Sl No Department Contact Person Designation Phone No e-Mail
    1 P&RD Deepanjan Naskar B.D.O 8585091703
    2 P&RD Barnali Mitra JT. B.D.O 9836264525
    3 P&RD Dipankar Paul PDO 9232564515
    4 P&RD Susmita Ghosh SAE(RWP) 9038886308
    5 P&RD Saikat Chanda SAE(AI) 9635925695
    6 P&RD Shankar Belel SAE(RWS) 9073949651
    7 P&RD Avijit Ganguly IDO 8910958457
    8 P&RD Tumpa Chanda APO 8900684487
    9 BCW Madhusnata Saha Ins. BCW 9830850877
    10 PANCHAYET SAMITY Palash Sadhukhan BIO 9007475429
    11 P&RD Samir Sarkar EOMEE 7407056139
    12 S.W. Dipika Das BWO 9073949653
    13 Fishery Somdutta Biswas FEO 8158051191
    14 Cooperative Raju Ghosh CI 9007034517
    15 P&RD Dipankar Sadhukhan BDMO 8617405611

    Sl No

    GP Name

    Prodhan Name

    Prodhan Number


    1 Kanaipur Achhelal Jadav 8584831881  
    2 Nabagram      
    3 Pearapur      
    4 Raghunathpur      
    5 Rajyadharpur      
    6 Rishra