What is MSME

  Pre-investment Stage 

  1. Motivational programmes/seminars/campaigns to attract new entrepreneurs.
  2. Interaction with Officers/Field Level Officers
  3. Introduction to PMEGP and other self-employment generating programmes
  4. Consultancy for preparing Schemes
  5. For getting Pollution Clearance.
  6. To facilitate Inter-departmental linkages with WBSEB/CESC/Bank/WBFC/Telephone/PCB etc.
  7. Training support-EDP/Training to the Artisans.
  8. Sponsoring of loan cases to different financial institution.

Investment Stage

  1. Infrastructural support through WBSIDC; RURAL HAAT; URBAN HAAT; KARMATIRTHA etc.
  2. Other types of fiscal support like share capital support to indl./Handicrafts Co-opp. Society, managerial support etc. For venture capital support Visit

Post-investment Stage

  1. Application for Udyam Registration.
  2. To provide subsidy
  3. Marketing support, participation in industrial fairs.
  4. Support for technology, modernization, R&D through Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises TFC. Visit
  5. Buyers sellers meet in collaboration with MSMEDI

Supports and Escort Services

  1. Technical support for preparation of Project Report.
  2. Information on sources of machinery and equipments.
  3. Priority in Power supply.
  4. Assistance of getting Land / shed in Industrial Estates.
  5. Promotion of New Industrial Estates / Growth centers.
  6. Approval of Project Reports of Noble / Special types.
  7. Training through Entrepreneurship Development Programme.
  8. Financial Assistance through Bank / WBFC.
  9. Financial Assistance under Self-Employment Schemes.
  10. Marketing linkage with Central Govt. / State Govt. organisations / Undertakings.
  11. Marketing Assistance through WBSIDC / NSIC Ltd. / CEO.
  12. Marketing Assistance through Participation in Exhibitions, Trade Fairs / Buyers-Sellers Meet etc.
  13. Linkage with organisation like WBHDC / WB State Handicrafts Coop. Society Ltd./ Development Commissioner (Handicrafts).
  14. Attending problems related to SSI Registration / Bank Loan / Marketing of Products etc.
  15. Financial Assistance for Modernisation through WBFC / SIDBI / Scheduled Bank.
  16. Skill Development Training with the help of organisation like RTC etc
  17. Export Assistance.
  18. National Level Awards for innovative products / outstanding growth / exports etc.
  19. Registration of Industrial Cooperative and extending financial assistance to them.
  20. Pollution Control measures and Assistance for obtaining pollution clearances.
  21. Assistance under Schemes promoted by W.B. Minority Dev. Finance Corporation / KVI Board / other Govt. Deptt.
  22. Awards to Handicrafts artisan
  23. Assistance under Banglashree, 2020.
  24. Old age Pension to Handicrafts Artisans.
  25. Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme
  26. Setting up of Rural Entrepreneurship Hab for providing various assistance.
  27. Participation in Foreign Trade Fairs.
  28. Provide G.I

Handholding Support (MSME Facilitation Centre)

Many MSME entrepreneurs are not conversant with the provisions of relevant Acts and Rules, compliances, application forms, and the location of government offices to submit the applications for approvals, certificates and licenses to start enterprises or to avail government incentives.

Entrepreneurs were required to visit various offices to enquire, consult, and finally to submit applications. Apart from the running around, they often become victims of unscrupulous intermediaries.

Even after all this, more visits were required to be made to follow up and finally collect certificates or licenses. This remained one of the biggest challenges and a disincentive for entrepreneurs who wanted to start a new venture, diversify or expand.

The hands-on facilitation services

  • All information on statutory compliances needed to set up an enterprise or to avail government incentives.
  • Application forms.
  • A checklist of the documents to be attached with the application.
  • Hand-holding support to fill out the forms and also online forms such as UDYAM, WBPCB etc.
  • Thorough checking of the forms ensure they are correct in all respects.
  • Submitting the application to the government office by the MFC.
  • Answering any queries that a government office may have.

Development of Industrial Co-operatives

            Registration of an Industrial  cooperative society mainly the bye-laws framed by proposed cooperative society being formally accepted and sanctioned by the Director, M&SSE & Ex-officio Additional Register of Cooperative Societies on behalf of the State Government.

A society will be registered only after the Industrial Development Officer with his recommendation forwards proposal for registration to the Director, M&SSE & Ex-officio Additional Register of Cooperative Societies through General Manager, District Industries Centre. However, it should be noted that the norms may vary time to time as per order of the Register of Cooperative Societies. While forwarding a proposal, the Industrial Development Officer should see that the following conditions are fulfilled-

  • the area of membership of the society should be contiguous, the unit being Ward (Municipality/Corporation Area) and Gram Panchayat;
  • no member of the society should be involved in the same category of business which the society intends to do ;
  • members of a society should belong to the same class and occupation;
  • category of membership should be strictly adhered to (i.e. men cannot members of women` cooperative and so on);
  • no apex or central society will be registered unless it has among its applicants at least six primary societies;
  • every society should use the word ‘Limited’ at the end of the name of the society; and,
  • ‘area of membership’ as per convention, of two similar types of societies should not overlap.

In addition to registration, this Directorate also extends financial assistance to the eligible running industrial cooperative societies in the form of Managerial Grants, Grants for Construction of Work shed & purchase of tools & equipment and Working capital loan. In this district, 46 number of co-operative have been registered under Industrial co-operative Society Act.

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

The Directorate takes initiative to facilitate the scope of employment by imparting skill-based training among the unemployed budding youth. The chief purpose behind this exercise is to create the opportunity so that the unemployment youth could get training, which is popularly know as EDP or Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

The EDP is conducted through Training Centres managed reputed NGOs/Institutions as well as accredited training centres run by both State /Central Government like Multi Disciplinary Training Centre, West Bengal Consultancy Organisation etc.

This training aims in identifying the skill already latent in the inspiring trainees to develop certain skills related with the market-oriented activities like production of new items, managing the business activities and to increase the employability among the trainees.

MSME Cluster Development Programme UNDER STATE FUND

A cluster can be defined as a sectoral and geographical concentration of enterprises engaged in making same or similar products or services and there by facing same or similar opportunities and threats.

Cluster Development Programme is addressing problems of Cluster & thereby MSMEs and ensuring holistic development and increased competitiveness of the Cluster MSMEs through implementation of joint development activities.

The cluster development approach as a key strategy for enhancing the productivity and competitiveness as well as capacity building of Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) and their collectiveness in the state. A cluster is a group of enterprises located within an identifiable and as far as practicable, contiguous area and producing same /similar products/services.

In the district of Hooghly there are 16 nos. of Cluster registered of which eight cluster proposals for which Diagnostic Survey Report (DSR) has been prepared & soft intervention programme is going on.

Total No. of Cluster units  in Hooghly District is 2174 with  Employment of more than 21,330 and Investment (in lakh) of  Rs.15,427/- and Sector Covered under CDP is  Imitation Jewellery, Brass Bell Metal, Plastic based, Zari embroidery, clay pottery, silk screen printing, Leather based, Electrical and Electronics, Bamboo forest based, Hosiery garments, Rural craft based.

Land development and Boundary wall related work started for the cluster of Serampore Silk Screen printing Cluster. Preparation of DPR and establishment of CFC, modern technology for the cluster of Bali Goghat Brass Metal Cluster, Singur Casting & Immitation Jwellery and Guptipara Artificial Plastic Flower Cluster are under process.


Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) scheme launched in 2005 for regeneration of traditional industries, identified clusters in Khadi, Village Industries and Coir sector with a view to make these industries more productive and competitive and increases the employment opportunity in rural and semi- urban areas. The objective of the scheme is to establish a regenerated cluster based development of traditional industries in Khadi, village and coir sectors. KVIC is the nodal agency of this scheme.In this context a piece of land measuring 0.73 acre under Chandanpur Mouza, PS-Jangipara,sanctioned accorded by the land department after inter departmental transfer to the MSME for establishment of CFC for Jangipara Zari Craft Cluster.

Rural Entrepreneurs Hub

To provide extended support to the unorganized rural entrepreneur of West Bengal in a structured manner, a Scheme, Rural Entrepreneurship Hub (REH) came into force in 2017-18 with a view to strengthening the rural economy and entrepreneurship to the rural youth. Prime objectives of the scheme is to promote Rural Industries and develop  Entrepreneurship by using locally produced/available raw material and selling in the local and surrounding market areas and to promote startups for innovations in Agro based and Tradisional industries and to generate employment.

The REHs are registered under Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd. in a hassle free manner by the Dte. of MSME through DICs and provide support by Training, Distribution of Tool Kits, Design Development, Improved Packaging and marketing.

In Hooghly district 13 nos. of REHs are registered and doing their business and engaged in their activity with 350 nos. of primary members and generate employment in the remote areas. DIC Hooghly and IDOs posted in the Block Development Office give their extended support to the existing and proposed REH for ensuing holistic development.

Sector covered under REH in Hooghly district in the field of Garments, Leather, Chikon embroidery, spice grinding and agro based. Machineries and tool kits distributed among the 4 nos of REHs by the Govt. as a grant.

Old Age Pension to Handicrafts and Village Industries Artisans

The Directorate of Micro, Small & Medium enterprises has been implementing the scheme for providing Old Age Pension to Handicrafts and Village Industries Artisans in recognition to their contribution in the craft those who fulfil the following conditions:

  • He has attained 60 years of age and is a permanent resident of West Bengal;
  • He has worked for at least 10 years in manufacture of handicrafts and village industries products and has been earning his livelihood as a handicrafts or a village industry artisan either independently or in a registered society, co-operative, voluntary organization;
  • He has no source of income and he is not in a position to earn his livelihood;
  • He has no relation who can maintain him;
  • He has been a resident of West Bengal for not less than 10 years on the date of making application;
  • He is not receiving any pension from the State Government or Government of India

The rate of pension is Rs. 1000/- per month and the target is 160.

Awards to Handicraft Artisans & Celebration of Handicraft Week

            In order to encourage the handicraft artisans for creation of better and innovative products, the Directorate of Micro & Small Scale Enterprises has been organizing District Level Handicrafts Competition in each district and State Level Handicrafts Competition in Kolkata in every year. Cash prize and a certificate are given to each of 12 selected artisans at the district level and 75 selected artisans at the state level.

Marketing Support to the Handicrafts Artisans (Fair/Exhibition)

In order to promote sale of handicrafts products made by the artisans of this State there is a scheme implemented by this Directorate for providing financial assistance in the form of grants for reimbursement of TA/DA to the handicraft artisans for participation in different fairs/expos and exhibition organised by this Directorate in and outside of West Bengal.

Geographical Identification (GI):-

       District Administration has taken various heritage products of this District for GI Registration like,  Jol  Bhora Sandesh of Chandannagar, Rabri of Aniya and Gangpur, Sada Bonde and Sada Jilipi of Kamarpukur, Begumpuri Sharee, Dhaniakhali Saree , Monohara of Janai, Balagarh Boat etc. in association with the National University of Juridical  Science and Department Science & Technology, Govt. of West Bengal.  Among of them Dhaniakhali Sharee under the Directorate of Textile G.I has been registered.

West Bengal Bhabishyat Credit Card Scheme (WBBCCS):-

The objective of the scheme is to provide the Youth of West Bengal, who have entrepreneurial skill and want to be self-reliant by setting up micro enterprises, access to institutional finance for their credit needs. The scheme will come into force on and from the 1st April 2023 and will remain in force up to 5 years. In this district, total application lodge-4232, out of this 319 application amounting of Rs-739.07 lakh has already been sanctioned till 11.09.2023.

Principal Secretary Department of  MSME&T Rajesh Pandey, IAS 033-2280-1601  
Director Directorate of MSMME U. Swarup, IAS 033-2248-9666
General Manager DIC Hooghly Sumanlal Gangopadhyay 9874256263
Manager DIC Hooghly Sanjib Kumar Sen 8759486026
Manager DIC Hooghly Arindam Biswas(Service Placement) 9123033512
Manager DIC Hooghly Paran Sarkar 9733758160
Manager DIC Hooghly Subrata Mukhopadhya 9933172931
Manager DIC Hooghly Bhaskar Roychowdhury (Service Placement) 9434322734
Manager DIC Hooghly Saswata Chakraborty (Service Placement) 9831856972
Manager DIC Hooghly Rathindranath Si 9474783401
Manager DIC Hooghly Sasanka Datta 7980609628
IDO Arambag Block Paromita Ghosh 9531779191
IDO Balagarh Block Shamit Chakraborty(Add. Charge) 9433410432
IDO Chanditala-I Block Barun Datta(Add.Charge) 7278102948
IDO Chanditala-II Block Barun Datta 7278102948
IDO Chinsurah-Mogra Block Souvik Mukherjee 8116574487
IDO Dhanikhali Block Somnath Ash(Addl. Charge) 8617063455
IDO Goghat-I Block Shyamal Kr. Mukhopadhyay(Addl. Charge) 9474023507
IDO Goghat-II Block Amitava Bhar(Addl. Charge) 9088873191
IDO Haripal Block Paromita Ghosh 9531779191
IDO Jangipara Block Shyamal Kumar Mukhopahyay 9474023507
IDO Khanakul-I Block Subrata Adhikari 9232449009
IDO Khanakul-II Block Subrata Adhikari (Add. Charge) 9232449009
IDO Panduah Block Shamit Chakraborty 9433410432
IDO Polba-Dadpur Block Somnath Ash 8617063455
IDO Pursurah Block Subrata Adhikari (Addl. Charge) 9232449009
IDO Serampore-UttarparaBlock Manoj Das 7278245668
IDO Singur Block Amitava Bhar 9088873191
IDO Tarakeswar Block Sanjib Kumar Bagchi 9830683076
IDO Polba-Dadpur Block Somnath Ash 8617063455