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29/05/2021 Extnsion of Order on Lockdown View (317KB)
23/05/2021 Order on Excemtions / Clarifications View (50 KB)
19/05/2021 Latest Order icw Covid Vaccination View (585 KB)
18/05/2021 Guidelines for Vaccination View (3 MB)
18/05/2021 Vaccination of residuary segment of Government View (633 KB)
18/05/2021 Preparation of data base for COVID 19 vaccination View (1 MB)
16/05/2021 CDSCO Advisory on Oxygen Concentrators View (734 KB)
15/05/2021 Extension of services of existing COVID Warriors engaged in COVID Hospitals/ Safe Homes of the State View (390KB)
13/05/2021 Advisory regarding RTPCR testing of emergency cases View (225KB)
11/05/2021 Adherence to Oxygen therapy protocol and CPMS data entry for Covid patients View (3MB)
10/05/2021 Request for providing coordination and assistance for immediate commencement of vaccination for Media,Transports and Hawkers  View (1MB)
10/05/2021 Guideline for Covid 19 Convalescent Plasma(CCP) transfusuion as an off label therapy View (793KB)
08/05/2021 Advisory regarding Helpdesk in Covid hospitals View  (313 KB)
07/05/2021 Order regarding engagement of Ambulance & Hearse Vans View (151 KB)
07/05/2021 Order for partial modification in respect of restrictions as Disaster Management measure against the current COVID pandemic View (76 KB)
06/05/2021 Arrangement of ‘isolation bed’ with accessories in all BPHC/RH and beded PHC View (2MB)
06/05/2021 Order regarding assignment of Nodal officers to monitor,supervise and coordinate the activities related to Cremation/Burial View (733 KB)
06/05/2021 Fast tracking COVID Vaccination of special priority groups viz. Media personnel, Hawkers and Transport Sector workforce View (598 KB)
06/05/2021 Advisory: Monitoring and Updation of information in the West Bengal Integrated COVID-19 Management System (WBICMS) Portal View (788 KB)
06/05/2021 Order for Shri Krishnendu Sadhukhan, IAS to co-ordinate with the ULBs of Hooghly and with bidhannagaore MC View   (205KB)
05/05/2021 Order for integrated regime of restrictions / prohibitions in the State of West Bengal as Disaster Management measure against the current COVID pandemic View (754 KB)
05/05/2021 RTPCR testing restrictions on Inter-State Bus Passengers coming from outside to West Bengal View (1 MB)
03/05/2021 Advisory: Remdesivir and Tocilizumab regarding View (28 KB)
03/05/2021 Advisory: Setting up of Community based Isolation Centres with basic Oxygen Support View (621 KB)
03/05/2021 Covid19 Dignified and graceful cremation View (465 KB)
01/05/2021 Order for further restrictions/prohibitions in the State of West Bengal View (157 KB)
01/05/2021 Letter to DMs for Roll out of West Bengal Oxygen Management Information System (WBOMIS) View (178 KB)
30/04/2021 Guidelines for Rational use of Oxygen For Management of COVID-19 View (190KB)
30/04/2021 Delegation of power for civil,electrical and IT works View  (693 KB)
30/04/2021 Action points as per meeting chaired by ACS, Home and Hill Affairs Department at Nabanna on 30.04.2021 View (1 MB)
30/04/2021 Advisory regarding vaccination View (329 KB)
30/04/2021 Order for restrictions/prohibitions in the State of West Bengal View (214 KB)
29/04/2021 law & oder at covid vaccination centres  View (270 KB)
29/04/2021 MHA Advisory on prevention and control of COVID-19 in Correctional Homes View (1.02 MB)
29/04/2021 Order for Death Certificates and Cremation Certificates View (184 KB)
28/04/2021 Advisory For Covid Testing View  (200KB)
28/04/2021 Secretary order for increase of beds View ( 360KB)
27/04/2021 SOP for District COVID coordination centre View (1.23 MB)
27/04/2021 Advisory admissions in Government Requisitoned Hospital beds View ( 407KB)
26/04/2021 Covid Management Content for wide circulation View (278 KB)
26/04/2021 Guideline for Oxygen Therapy View (1 MB)
24/04/2021 Letter regarding Conversion of industrial use oxygen to medical oxygen View (471 KB)
23/04/2021 Guideline on issue of Death Certificate for Non-Institutional Death of COVID affected View (552 KB)
23/04/2021 Advisory on Crematorium /Burial Ground of deceased on Covid 19 View (1 MB)
21/04/2021 Order for COVID Co-ordinators View (2 MB)
20/04/2021 CPMS patient feedback order View (3 MB)
19/04/2021 Extension of Tenure Validity of all  Security,Scavenging, housekeeping servies in all Covid hospitals till  30-09-2021 View (393KB)
16/04/2021 Procurement of Medical Oxygen (B & D Type) View (416KB)
06/04/2021 Order regarding CPMS View (2MB)
02/03/2021 Assignment of Nodal Officer View (1 MB)
06/08/2020 Advisory HospitalTransfer View (295 KB)
23/06/2020 Order of Private Hospital for Denial of Covid patient View ( 311KB)
01/04/2020 Order for engaging Security,housekeeping and other stuff View (32 KB)