All Information for Panchayat Election 2023.

Office Order from Office of the District Magistrate & District Panchayat Election Officer : Download

Office Registration   :     Click Here

Office / Block/ Sub Division/ District User Login : Click Here

Election Manpower Management System User Manual for Panchayat Election 2023(District/ Sub Division/ Block Users): Download 

EMMS User Manual for Offices : Download 


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who will approve Office Users?

District Manpower Management cell

What the Office Users will do primarily?

Office users will primarily view the existing employees list, update them, add new employees, transfer employees, exclude employees and verify them.

What is the data available in the system?

EMMS system has been fed with WBLA 2021 manpower data.

What will be the Email ID for Registration of Office?

Use Institution’s official email id as given in physical PP1 form to Block Offices

What is to be done when employees got transferred ?

Office/ Block users can Transfer Out the employee to the Open Pool.

What is to be done when new transferred employees joined the office ?

Office/ Block users should IMPORT the employee from the Open Pool ONLY.

Who can exclude an employee?

Office/ Block / Sub Division/ District Users can exclude an existing employee on certain grounds only.